Campus Energy: Practical Tools to Reduce Electrical Energy Use

College campuses are all but cities unto their own and effectively managing the use of electrical power
can be a serious challenge. From smart thermostats and occupancy sensors to full-on building
management systems, the energy-saving options seem endless.
But, as an operator, do you truly know where your electrical energy is being used? How do you know if
there is waste? Also, once you do know, is it clear how you can change things to reduce power
consumption and still provide the services and comfort your staff and students expect?
Cyber Switching Solutions has developed several technologies to help with these questions. The first is
a cost effective solution to monitor and meter the electrical power used throughout your campus.
Whether you have a smaller campus or a large array of buildings, with Cyber’s submetering tools you
can have at your fingertips the tools to stay on top of your electrical use.

What can submetering do for you?
Cyber Switching’s Submetering technology provides campus facility managers real-time and historic
data on power use and power quality, leading to a litany of benefits, including reduced energy costs,
performance monitoring, energy use planning, subtenant billing, and cost-recovery or allocation by
department. Cyber’s Submetering platforms are modular and allow for flexible and scalable
installations, ensuring complete coverage of even the most complex building arrangements.
Designed with existing buildings in mind, Cyber’s solution is one of the few submetering systems ULlisted
for field-installability. So, no matter the age of your campus, you can get state-of-the-art power
monitoring and metering for any of your electrical circuits. While today's needs focus on power monitoring,tomorrow's objectives will emphasize power quality and reliability. With an eye on the future, Cyber Switching and Gabbard Energy Group are motivated to provide you the right power management solutions to best utilize the Earth's precious energy resources all while keeping a firm handle on the costs of powering your campus.

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Electric Vehicle Charging for the College Campus
As noted above, college campuses are all but cities unto their own, and facility management must stay
up on energy use trends that can have a serious affect on campus power use. The growing adoption of
Electric Vehicles is a perfect example. It is projected that by 2040, one-third of the vehicles sold will have
a plug, and providing charging for these vehicles has become extremely important, even essential. The problem is that providing the necessary electrical power to the charging stations can be very, very expensive, often much more than the charging stations themselves. And not every location can get the needed power from the local utility without even more expensive and time consuming upgrades at the utility’s level. Current charging solutions require a dedicated power line to each charging station. This means that those dedicated lines be installed from an electrical panel all the way out to the parking area. Now there is a much less expensive option to provide the maximum amount of charging stations for electric vehicles. Cyber Switching has developed a patented method to switch power to multiple
charging stations in a “round-robin” scenario so that a single electrical line can feed multiple charging stations. This is made possible by our Electric Vehicle Master Controller (EVMC). The EVMC is installed between the electrical panel and the charging stations in the parking area, reducing the number of dedicated lines to a minimum of 1/4th the “standard” approach. Power is incrementally rotated on a timed basis to each
attached vehicle.

An attached vehicle’s charging status is also “polled” and if at capacity, the rotation moves on to the next vehicle. The cost savings at installation is immediate and by rotating the load, the peak demand caused by EV charging can be reduced by up to 75%! What does all this mean to your campus? Quite simply, where one EV sat at a single charging station supplied by one dedicated circuit, you can now charge four EVs served by that same dedicated circuit. The savings realized by NOT having to bring in the full infrastructure for multiple charging, including the purchase of an EVMC, can be as much as 50%. Can you say speedy Return on Investment? We thought so!

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