Gabbard Energy Group. Proven all natural Waste Water Management solutions for Hotels, Restaurants, Industry, Municipalities, and Agriculture.

Gabbard Energy Group’s partner offers a proven, green solution to the problem of sludge and odor created by the waste water process used by Hotels, Restaurants, Industry, Municipalities and Agriculture. It is an effective, environmentally safe alternative, to costly monthly Hydro Flushing of collection lines, and traditional dredge and haul away methods of removing sludge. The proprietary, Microbe-Lift products provide a consistently effective solution in virtually all climates and environments.Microbe-Lift DGTT. A proven green solution.

Microbe-Lift DGTT is a liquid culture blend designed specifically to cut through grease and organic materials that build up in drain lines, in addition to reducing or eliminating organic materials from porous surfaces, such as: concrete, tile, grout, and any surface that may absorb grease or organic materials, and create odors or slip hazards.
Microbe-Lift IND (industrial blend) is used mainly to restore the efficiency to waste water systems, grease traps, lift stations and collection systems. It is used for plant and facility effluent line treatment, commercial drain line and grease trap applications, retention ponds and septic systems.
As Gabbard Energy Group discovered, Microbe-Lift products have many uses in industrial, commercial and municipal applications including: cleaning floors and walls in kitchens and bathrooms, drain cleaning and maintenance, odor removal from virtually any surface subjected to food, grease or vegetative materials. Unlike most chemical cleaning supplies, the biological makeup of Microbe-Lift actually absorbs into the pores of the surface, ingesting the grease fats and vegetative materials trapped in the surface… allowing it to be washed away with regular maintenance… leaving a clean odorless surface, reducing a potential slip hazard for employees and customers.

Since 1976, Microbe-Lift has demonstrated consistent proven results including applications for Agriculture, Hotels, Restaurants, Industry and Municipalities. Reference materials are available upon request.
Gabbard Energy Group is constantly looking for new, proven, green, and cost effective options for our clients. When used to treat drains and sewer pipes, Microbe-Lift DGTT acts as a continuous cleaning agent as the microbial activity cleans and deodorizes your sewer pipes.
Commercial applications include kitchen and bathroom floors and walls, exterior patios and entry ways. Municipal applications include schools, parks, community centers and offices. Industrial applications include food processing, produce packing and processing, and meat processing to name a few. The application of this flexible tool is endless for those who want a safe, effective means for maintaining their facilities.

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The Gabbard Energy Group website has a number of case studies from clients in all of these areas. 23 California Municipalities use this system, along with many restaurants, hotels, and a variety of industrial clients.
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