Gabbard Energy Group. Real time sub-metering. The new technology every hotel, commercial building, condominium, needs.

“If you cannot measure it, you cannot improve it.” -Lord Kelvin

Sage advice for all hotel, commercial building owners. Gabbard Energy Group

offers the best real time energy consumption sub-metering through our

partners Enalasys, Energy Cloud and their proprietary g-Meter TM technology.

Already proven in Hawaii through large scale projects at the Hilton Waikoloa

and W.M. Keck Observatory, this real time sub-metering technology can be

effectively applied to any scale hotel, commercial building, and condominium

How it works. The Energy Cloud g-Meter® Energy Management System

measures energy in real-time, sampling in 3-15 second increments directly at

the internal panel level on a per circuit basis. This granular measurement

capability gives a true picture of what’s really going on in a facility. All data is

sent securely to Energy Cloud’s data center in a cloud infrastructure which

allows management to access data from their facilities all over the world, from

any computer or smart enabled mobile device.

All data collected is reported on, and all recommendations under the energy

plan are based on actual measured data from g-Meter®. No “deemed” savings

or theoretical calculations are used to arrive at savings. Every energy measure in

the energy plan is based on actual energy usage, events and activity measured

after installing the g-Meter® Energy Management System in the environment.

Gabbard Energy Group can help hotel, commercial building, condominium

owners receive all the energy use information they need to prioritize energy

savings projects and receive every utility rebate dollar available. Based on each

buildings actual utility rate, the graphics/analysis provided includes: real time

data energy signature; comparison tool alerts;historical tracking benchmarking and;

power metrics run time stats. In addition to electricity, the measurement areas also include water, gas, HVAC,

lighting, building envelope, wind, solar/PV, fuel cells, humidity, temperature

and air quality.

Gabbard Energy Group represents this technology exclusively in Hawaii and

throughout North America. We can set up initial web demonstrations, provide

additional information, for any interested hotel, commercial building owners,

engineers, facility, operation directors. Typical ROI’s are two years or less.

Every building has energy waste which is a pure loss of money. We have found

this includes both new and old equipment. Waste drives up the energy base of

the building, which further drives up peak energy, the most costly rate utility

companies charge, further driving up the energy bill. Where Gabbard Energy

Group can help you save with this proprietary technology:

• We illuminate energy usage with real-time data collection.

• Eliminate waste.

• Reduce peak usage.

• We automate energy management through threshold alerts and controls.

• We provide continuous monitoring to ensure long-term energy saving.

• Identify opportunities for Energy Efficiency Technologies to further save.

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