Why Forensic Audits Make Sense, Gabbard Energy Group


Hotels, Commercial Building Owners, Schools, all face the same problem. Utilities and billing companies can make mistakes on your monthly energy and other related bills that cost you money!

Examples include: billing for electricity clients did not use; the published tariff was not applied properly to the bills; the meter was not working properly and/or incorrect meter readings occurred.

Gabbard Energy Group offers Forensic Audits of all electric, gas, water, waste and phone bills for our qualifying clients without an upfront fee. All we need is your most recent bill. If…we identify billing errors, we will document them and work with you on the next appropriate action steps.

Impact, benefits. At Gabbard Energy Group, we know monthly energy costs alone represent one of the largest single expenses for any organization. Incremental utility recoveries can bring new ‘found’ revenue directly to your bottom line. Increased bottom line revenue equals increases in your top line revenue without the acquisition costs, advertising, administrative, expenses, capital budgeting, normally required.

Next steps. All we need is your most recent monthly electricity, gas, water, sewage and phone bills to get started. Again, no upfront fees are charged for the initial analysis. If errors are documented, we will ask you to sign a sales agreement which allows us to share in your documented monthly savings (similar to an ESCO model) as payment for our Forensic Audit services.

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