A Green Solution for Food Processors


Tomato, Garlic, Beef...any type of food processing company faces daily challenges, costs in attempting to control odor, sludge, BOD, COD and TSS. That, combined with increased government regulations, led us at Gabbard Energy Group to form a strategic partnership with one of our two core partners, Aqua Natural Solutions and offer a proven, cost effective, environmentally safe solution to these issues faced by the food processing industry.

Not an enzyme, our proprietary Microbe-Lift bio-formulation is designed specifically to control odor related to the production of hydrogen sulfide with a select consortium of cultures. The predominant organisms are in the purple sulfur group (purple sulfur and non-sulfur organisms. One focuses on odor while the other is extremely effective in the assimilation of organic compounds.

Tomato Processing. Reducing H2S emissions from discharge ponds is accomplished with the addition of Microbe-Lift. Garlic Processing facilties use Microbe-Lift to keep the collection systems flowing and reduce water use usage by clearing the lines. Odor from the discharge ponds is also significantly reduced. In Beef processing, Microbe-Lift dramatically reduces the sludge in the wastewater ponds.

The overall benefits for Food Processors include the reduction or elimination of odor at the source, better government compliance, improved relations with neighbors, a healthier work environment, a 100% natural solution, good flowing collection systems, a reduction of backupd and overflows, reduction or elimination of odors in drains, wet wells, reduction of BOD, COD, TSS in effluent lines and a major reduction in the cost of sludge handling.


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