Energy as a Service... The new way to get Energy Savings Projects completed.


No matter how compelling, many energy efficiency projects are delayed or not implemented at all because of budget, Cap Ex concerns. At Gabbard Energy Group, we work with one of our two core partners, Correlate Inc., to remove that project barrier.

How Energy as a Service works. Whether it is a single project or an entire business review, our energy as a service contract insures that the client never has to use budget, Cap Ex funds to complete a project.

We begin by having a time efficient call, meeting, with the staff involved with energy management to determine the priority projects, scope of analysis needed. Along with access to the Utility bills, we then prepare a no up front cost customized analysis that identifies (on a vendor neutral basis) the best manufacturer, vendor to meet the client's needs.

Whether the projects involve Smart Motors, Thermostats, Chillers, Boilers, Solar...or any other number of energy efficiency solutions...the structure is the same. The installation costs are covered by the company selected along with all ongoing responsibility for the maintenance, servicing of the equipment, software. The client has no obligation and the transaction is off balance sheet.

Any payments on the projects only begin once the reduced utility costs and increased cash flow from each project are scientifically verified and monitored on an ongoing basis by our partners at Correlate. As an added bonus, all necessary electrical, gas, water sub-metering is also included as part of the verification process.

The client pays for the project cost and our low performance based fees only from a agreed upon portion of the increased net cash flow we create.

While we can also work with any client in a traditional project format that also offers a number of creative energy project financing options, the majority of our clients prefer the Energy as a Service structure. It allows any business, entity to rapidly accelerate the scope of their energy efficency projects without the normal Cap Ex, budget restrictions.


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