Gabbard Energy Group Expands Energy Efficiency programs for hotels, commercial buildings, schools, government.


Gabbard Energy Group Inc. has significantly expanded their energy efficiency programs for hotels, commercial buildings, schools and government. The new, proprietary, patented, capabilities include:

Forensic Audits of energy, utility, bills including electricity, gas, water, waste, phone and property taxes.

Total Energy Audits.

EMS Thermostats, Remote Control.

Real time sub-metering.

LED retrofitting for all markets.

Cogeneration. Custom designed, investor funded programs.

Green Waste Water Treatment for Municipalities, Businesses.

Power reduction monitoring, energy efficient controls, for large equipment.

Electric/Hybrid, Vehicle Market Controllers.

The custom designed Cogeneration proposals can be tailored to incorporate, self-fund, a variety of energy savings projects and the tax credits can also be passed on to the property ownership group if desired.

Every program offers a combination of the latest technology, proven track records, low ROI’s, rebates and/or a variety of creative financing options for any new hotel, commercial, government, educational client.

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