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Hotels and other commercial properties are now searching for indoor and outdoor LED lighting technology to reduce their energy costs. While utility rebates are typically provided, budgeting for the installation cost above the rebate can be a problem for many owners and may delay this type of needed change. In order to meet this challenge, Gabbard Energy Group has brought LEDLending into the energy efficiency marketplace.

LEDLending, offered by Gabbard Energy Group, provides a creative, cost efficient alternative, for commercial customers trying to upgrade their facilities through new LED lighting.

How LEDLending works.

Go to our Gabbard Energy Group website, and send us an email referencing LEDLending.

We will then send you a link to our LEDLending portal, where you will tell us:

The type of lighting project (hotel, office building, school, etc.).

Estimated cost.

Term of Loan desired.

Our proprietary system will then select five to ten lenders that meet your criteria.

Once you select your lender, we can then work with you to supply the appropriate indoor, outdoor, LED lighting to meet your needs and your utilities rebate criteria.

LEDLending is the latest in a number of energy efficiency financing alternatives Gabbard Energy Group offers clients in our various energy efficiency technologies, services…in addition to the available utility rebates.

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