Gabbard Energy Group, new HVAC Servicing Technologies

Gabbard Energy Group energy efficiency partner Enalasys, has been a leader in HVAC technology for many years. In addition to our Comprehensive AC Maintenance Program, we now offer additional new HVAC technologies for contractors and new, existing utility rebate programs. In addition to the Automatic Air Filter TM (see previous blogs) Enalasys now offers additional new HVAC servicing technologies for AC units at hotels, commercial buildings, schools, military barracks and long term care, senior facilities.

ChargeRite TM

ChargeRite TM is a Verification Service Technology (VST) that allows HVAC contractors to provide refrigerant charge adjustments (RCA) services, quickly, easily and wirelessly on a laptop computer. The data captured on the job site is loaded onto Enalasys’ eOne TM platform and then verified by Enalasys as part of its M&V services that the proper adjustments were made.

With this new technology, technicians can now properly diagnose and change air conditioners with the correct amount of refrigerant levels. The Pressure Data Collection Unit connects to the laptop and collects outdoor conditions and measurements at the condensing/outdoor unit, including temperatures and pressures.

A set of two probes contains temperature, humidity and pressure sensors to collect, measure, conditions in the return plenum and supply plenum. Each probe also has a pressure sensor to measure the condition outside of the air handler.

Compressor Controller

This maintenance free device works in conjunction with the air conditioner’s thermostat and control system to optimize compressor run times which will reduce KWh consumption 12.5% on average. The Controller emulates what an inverter compressor does by properly cycling single speed compressors up to 10 tons (120,000 BTU’s). In addition, it provides anti-short cycle protection and insures that the compressor is always operating with MFG’s operating specifications. It also reduces equipment operating temperatures and dramatically reduces evaporator freeze-over issues by properly cycling the compressor.

If you are an HVAC contractor, construction company, architect, facilities/engineer/operations head of a hotel, commercial building, military housing, long term care, senior facilities, we can help you improve your energy efficiency and useful life of your HVAC units with these proprietary technologies. Call, text, Glenn Gabbard (925.381.1102) Gabbard Energy Group, for more information.


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