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Gabbard Energy Group energy efficiency partner Enalasys, has been a leader in HVAC technology for many years. In addition to our Comprehensive AC Maintenance Program, we now offer additional new HVAC technologies for contractors and new, existing utility rebate programs.

Automatic Air Filter TM

The Automatic Air Filter TM is a patented, easy to install cartridge that automatically changes your residential or commercial grade HVAC air filters on a pre-programmed basis up to one year. The filter changes when it receives a Wi-Fi enabled signal or it can be preprogrammed to change on a timely basis. The filter connects to our greenNet platform and OnPoint TM System.

Our Gabbard Energy Group partner’s automatic filter eliminates the added labor cost and guesswork currently involved in knowing whether an existing filter is at the end of its useful life. E mails are sent to the operations staff, owners, engineers, when the filter has been changed at the appropriate time. By insuring that the HVAC filters remain clean, commercial and residential clients benefit directly from lower electric bills, more energy efficient operating systems and cleaner air.

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