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Gabbard Energy Group is now taking indications of interest for three new, proprietary, patented, technologies.

Proven, all natural, Waste Water Management solutions.
Reduces operating costs, eliminates odor complaints and sludge removal issues for hotels, restaurants, industry… all sectors. Effective in all climates. Not impacted by temperature swings.

Investor Funded Cogeneration Projects.
Removes your hotel(s), commercial buildings, schools, government facilities, from the grid in a customized, investor funded program that requires no capital funds and can self-fund additional energy projects. Available tax credits for owners.

Electric Vehicle Master Controller (EVMC).
In all vehicle charging stations, our product will enable the utilities to bring in substantially less infrastructure due to the EVMC’s ability to multiplex a single power source to EV Chargers to service/charge multiple vehicles.

Please contact Glenn Gabbard, President, Gabbard Energy Group, by e mail ( or call, text (925.381.1102) for proposals and questions. Gabbard Energy Group LinkedIn page or website, can be used as well.


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