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Gabbard Energy Group and its partners have created exciting new Cogeneration opportunities for Hotels, Industry, Schools and Government. Investor Funded Cogeneration Projects eliminate the need for client funding and/or financing of these projects.

How Does Investor Funded Cogeneration work?
At no cost to the host, (client) Gabbard Energy Group with its partners can provide power, steam, and/or cooling by way of an energy (power and steam) purchase agreement. The terms normally would be 15 to 20 years. The host can also have the option to purchase the generating unit and terminate the energy purchase agreement prior to 15 years based on a predetermined buyout amount. The energy purchase agreement is all subject to credit approval from the investor which includes an acceptable guarantee/credit worthiness to the investor. As far as the investors, we can provide any bank reference, recommendation letters, that your ownership group would require.

Option to own your project.
In addition, we can make your ownership the owners of the project, if desired… creating their own energy group and receiving the available tax credits. This can be done initially or sometime after the project is completed.

Modular Cogeneration Plants. Fit to size.
In an urban area like Los Angeles, our Gabbard Energy Group Cogeneration projects are modular, typically using the equivalent of three or four parking spaces. We also have the ability to work with all sizes of buildings…not just large facilities. Further, we look at all viable fuel options including solar, hydro power. Our proprietary fuel shipment capabilities allow us to provide a variety of options in every environment, climate.

Grid Independence without the cost.
As all Hotel, Industry, School and Government ownership, decision makers understand, the ongoing energy costs and demand on our grid system will continue to increase. Implementing an Investor Funded Cogeneration project with Gabbard Energy Group and its partners can offer complete coverage of your current and future needs. Any excess power can be sold back to your local utility.

Fund other Energy Efficiency Projects.
In our customized approach, we can structure an Investor Funded Cogeneration Project to create excess power, sold back to the utility, which creates additional funds for other energy efficiency projects such as LED retrofitting, ems thermostats, real time sub-metering, etc.

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