McCabe School: Get Schooled on Energy Efficiency


McCabe School is located in the hot desert climate of California’s Imperial Valley. And when the temperature heats up, so do energy costs, especially for a large facility. What started out as a pilot program under the consultation of EnerGtech Experts helped decrease McCabe’s energy bills for two classroom buildings by an astounding 50 percent – and made energy efficiency a priority.

The g-Meter™ provided a live feed of the energy use in each classroom so that school administrators could track wattage and break consumption down into manageable chunks, like A/C costs per day. They discovered that restroom lights throughout the school were running nearly 24/7 for the entire year. By adding light switches and thermostats that could be controlled by their mobile app, they were able to control their energy use from any web-connected device.

The g-Meter™ controls also allowed for different energy efficiency programs. For example, when the school wanted different thermostat settings on Monday-Friday versus the weekend, they could program every thermostat quickly with the click of a mouse. The system also had built-in alerts and notifications, so the school could set an energy usage threshold and react in real-time to reduce their usage.

EnerGtech Experts helped decrease McCabe’s energy bills for two classroom buildings by an astounding 50 percent

After seeing such a striking difference in their consumption during the pilot program, McCabe took their focus on sustainability to the next level. EnerGtech Experts helped them install more efficient air conditioners and replace high-pressure sodium light bulbs in parking lot lights with LED bulbs.

For large facilities, online energy management is also a huge time saver. Rather than traveling from room to room to check lights or generators, facilities workers can save time by controlling the on/off and thermostat settings from their mobile dashboard.

Once the McCabe School administrators began tracking their energy savings, what they saw was astounding. For commercial organizations, it would be even more staggering. The initial numbers revealed that significant payback on the g-Meter controls would occur after only about six months. With the help of EnerGtech Experts, the savings to offset the investment in the entire greenNet Energy Management System will come in twelve to eighteen months.


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