Solving Manhole, Lift Station problems for Municipalities


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It is estimated that there are over 50 million manholes in the United States. As our friends that we work with in Municipal Wastewater, Sanitation, Collection Districts can attest, many of these manholes have significant odor, food oil, grease (FOG) issues that trigger daily citizen complaints.

Labor costs increase as municipal workers are asked to take extra time to try solutions such as degreasers, scents, that only mask and don't solve the problem. Many of these manholes and lift stations are in more remote areas or span vast areas...further challenging municipal employees charged with maintaining the sewer, collection systems.

There is a proven solution. Gabbard Energy Group, with our strategic partner, Aqua Natural Solutions, is implementing a new program throughout the western United States that has finally given municipalities a way to solve these issues without increasing labor costs.

The first challenge we have overcome is the treatment method for these sewers, lift stations. Since many do not have electrical power access, we have installed battery powered dosing pumps such as the one pictured above in the manholes, lift stations we serve. With easy to program settings to control the dosage, one pump with a five gallon container can dose anywhere from 10-80 days in a given location. We have eliminated the need for manual treatment. Now the employees that service the systems simply have to check the containers periodically so they know when to add additional product.

The next, the most important challenge was to give municipalities a treatment product that actually worked to remove odor and FOG from the system. Over the past 41 years, we have developed and utilized a select consortium of cultures that adapt to any climate, have a shelf life of 3-5 years, remove, break down the sulfur, ammonia, that cause the odor and as living organisms...actually ingest the FOG, sludge that creates the odor and blockages in the first place. Our purple, non-sulfur bacteria are highly efficient at the assimulation of organic compounds, including difficult to degrade compounds such as fatty acids, organic acids, proteins and other odorous compounds.

A proven solution that is 100% environmentally friendly. Our bio-formulations are all 100% environmentally friendly and can be utilized in every aspect in the treatment of odor, FOG, sludge, pathogen and H2S reduction issues in manholes, lift stations, wastewater facilities.

Cost effective. Our products are 100% natural, non-toxic and...can easily fit into a budget...especially when compared to other chemical, non-chemical treatments such as enzymes...which often cost more and don't solve the problems.

In California alone, we are working with close to 50 municipalities. In Hawaii and California, we have contract waste water operators that have become dealers once they discovered this tool, treatment option for the systems they operate. At last week's CWEA conference in Union City, 16 northern California municipal wastewater, collection, sanitation districts asked us to come out to their facilities and set up initial projects.

We can help you solve these problems and reduce labor expenses. Many municipalities are spending much more in labor costs, overtime, off hour emergency calls than is needed. We have a proven solution that works. Call, text or e mail me so we can set up an initial call, visit, to look at your manholes, lift stations, municipal wastewater facilities.


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