The Gerardo Family: In The Know, On The Go

With solar panels blanketing the roof of their Los Angeles home, the Gerardo Family was committed to a greener, more sustainable lifestyle. But with the help of EnerGtech Experts, the family was able to take their energy awareness to new level. By measuring the levels of solar production versus their household’s energy consumption with the g-Meter™, the family was able to gauge how much energy they were putting into the grid (or pulling from) every second the sun was shining (depending on the amount of sunlight and time of day).

Yet the true test of the g-Meter™’s usefulness came when the family went on vacation and Albert Gerardo monitored his usage remotely for the first time. After logging into his greenNet account from the app on his smartphone, Albert noticed the air conditioner was running even though he had set the thermostat to “vacation mode” before leaving. As it turned out, his sister had come by to do laundry and left the A/C on in his absence. He could have used the mobile controls to turn off the thermostat, but instead he kindly called his sister and reminded her to turn it off when she left.

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Energy Upgrade Homes: The Gerardo Family, San Fernando CA

Albert and Julie Gerardo have lived in their 1953, 1-story home for 14 years, have two daughters and a son, aged 6 -- 15 years, and two dogs. Julie's elderly mother lives in the home's in-law unit. There's also a small pool.

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