The LED of Motors Has Arrived


Start your post here...At Gabbard Energy Group, we work daily with our core partner Correlate Inc. to offer our clients the latest in new energy efficiency technology. The LED of Motors, Smart Motor upgrade, came from our network of over 2000 energy experts representing all industries.

This is the most significant building upgrade since the LED. This motor replaces conventional motors that control the Heating, Cooling, Refrigeration and Ventilation in any building with up to 80% energy savings. It is easy to install and costs the same or less than conventional motors. It's next generation, cloud based communication alerts the appropriate staff members if any of the equipment it is operating malfunctions.

The Smart Motor upgrade was the subject of a positive Department of Energy Walmart Study and has been installed in Whole Foods, Safeway, Albertson's. The Smart Motor integrates with any existing Building Management System, supports wired, wireless networking and supports all major protocols for building management, automation and networking.

Payment options that don't use Cap Ex, Budget Funds. In our work with Correlate at Gabbard Energy Group, we have found that funding is the biggest barrier to implementing needed upgrades like the Smart Motor. We have also seen companies take years to fully install this type of upgrade in all of their facilities due to cost considerations. While clients can continue to fund Smart Motor installs, upgrades, with Cap Ex, Budget funds, we now offer a new funding alternative through our 'energy as a service', 'technology subscription' contract.

Under this alternative, we tie performance directly to funding. This is an off balance sheet transaction with no debt, no liability, no Cap Ex, Budget Funds, all work guaranteed and all maintenance is included. Once any property installation is completed, our partners at Correlate will scientifically verify the exact Utility cost savings and the new net cash flow created for the client by the Smart Motor (or any other energy efficiency project). At that point, an agreed upon portion of the new net cash flow goes to pay down the cost of the project. No payment occurs by the client until the utility savings and new net cash flow are verified initially and on an ongoing basis.

This is a special opportunity to take advantage of a next generation motor, communication upgrade impacting Heating, Cooling, Refrigeration and Ventilation equipment that represent a significant portion of any buildings energy cost.

As we work directly with the exclusive manufacturer of the Smart Motor (all patents purchased in 2014) we are approaching individual clients and also looking for contractors that work in this area to become part of our dealer network.


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