Why Verdant’s Smart Thermostats should be the technology of choice for your hotel.

Verdant is an established engineering company with over 70 US & International

patents. With over 30 years experience in manufacturing technology, Verdant

originally did OEM products for companies such as Carrier, Fujitsu, and GE.

Gabbard Energy Group has worked as a major North American representative

and the exclusive Hawaii representative for Verdant during the last four years as

Verdant approaches over 1000 hotels in North America. There are endorsed by

all major brands including Hilton, IHG, Marriott and Best Western.

The Verdant ems thermostat system uses real time occupancy detection

(thermal sensing and motion) with 100% accuracy to eliminate unnecessary

guestroom heating and air conditioning through customized setbacks controlled

by the hotel. Audited results show an average reduced heating and air

conditioning consumption in hotels of more than 40%. Gabbard Energy Group

will arrange a free trial after an initial demo call for any hotel that wants to

verify their own energy savings.

All of the technology is built into the wired or wireless thermostat. Energy

savings come from the customized configurations (setback limits) that can be

programmed into each thermostat to allow each hotel to program maximum

and minimum temperatures when a guestroom is unoccupied. Setback delays

are also established in each thermostat to ensure a room is unoccupied before

setbacks are activated. As many as eight occupancy sensors, communicating the

same thermal sensing, motion to the main thermostat insure complete coverage

in a suite. As a result, Verdant is the only ems thermostat company that does

not require a door switch on the hotel room door.

When Gabbard Energy Group sets up a Verdant demo call, one of the most

significant competitive advantages discussed is Verdant’s patented thermostat

software. Each thermostat learns the environment in its guestroom and makes

the necessary adjustments to insure guest comfort. Three specific features

separate Verdant from other ems thermostats.

Dynamic Intelligence Recovery. The Verdant thermostat dynamically adjusts

setback limits from room to room throughout the day in order to recover with a

specified maximum recovery time.

Patented Night Occupancy Mode. This software suspends the savings features

when the guest is sleeping…thermostats will not turn off heating or air

conditioning in the middle of the night.

Humidity Control. The thermostats continually measure the humidity levels in

each guestroom and use intermittent fan and air conditioning to ensure

moisture never surpasses 60%.

The Gabbard Energy Group website, has many Verdant Case Studies

that verify their superior energy savings. Contact us (925.381.1102) or to arrange a demo call and/or free trial.


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